The RCC Story 

Where it all began

Tucked into the hills of Athens County, in a teeny tiny town, is a teeny tiny dirt road called Rock Camp Road. It is everything you envision when you think of country roads. Along this dirt road, on the top of a steep wooded property, sits a house that I will always call home. We call it Rock Camp Mountain. It is a place that is very dear to my heart. My father had a dream for this property when he bought it as a college student. My mother has since carried out this dream and made it her own version of heaven on earth. I was brought home as a newborn baby here and decades later, I married my best friend here.

It is a source of great inspiration and peace for me. When you are there, you are engulfed with the vision of every season so perfectly. You are truly in sensory heaven when you stand outside, close your eyes and take in all of the smells of nature.

In Winter, it looks like a Christmas card. It is filled with giant snow covered trees and the smell of a warm fire coming from the chimney. It’s where you go in the winter knowing that you will likely be snowed in for days and can escape the busy and just be, which is perfect because it is always filled with a roaring fire in the fireplace and great homemade food being cooked in the kitchen.

In the Spring and Summer, it is sprinkled with the amazing gift of my mother’s green thumb. You are surrounded with dogwood blooms, the brightest daffodils you will ever see, the most bountiful garden you should ever need. The air is fresher and even the birds seem to sing louder. Outside of where an orchard used to grow is a field of fresh mint. If you have never experienced a ground covered in fresh mint growing from it, you are missing out. It is heaven. It reels you in and lifts up every fiber in your body.

The fall is my favorite. You are shaded by giant oak trees with fresh soft moss covering the bottom. The mix of fresh fallen leaves, crisp fall air and the smoky chimney coming up out of it all is something fall dreams are made of. The oaks are offset by enormous pine tress I would climb as a little girl.

As you can imagine, this is a place of great inspiration for scent creations for our candles. When I decided to make candles and become a 3rd generation of candle makers in our family, this property, where my mother’s shop once lived, was also a symbol of passing the torch onto the next generation. And thus, Rock Camp Candle Co. was born.

Just like the property itself, we strive to create memories that awaken the senses with our candle creations. It is more than just a fragrance candle for us. It is a story, it is a memory, it is memories to be created. We have loved hearing the stories from our customers burning our candles and having memories of their childhood or a time in their life come back alive through scent. Growing up with the candle lady, I certainly have many many of those same experiences. I dream of the day that I can bottle up all of these memories, smells and sights of Rock Camp Mountain into a candle so the world can enjoy it too!